Friday, July 23, 2010


Hi everyone, it's time for Bon Gâteau to take a little break from all the baking. The last 3 months had been quite busy and my oven needs a rest. I'll be away July 24 to Aug 2. You're still more than welcome to email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm back in town. See y'all in a week! Have a great summer!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cinderella Cake

Again, mother of the birthday girl didn't want to have any fondant. So I tried to ice the dress to mimic how tulle will look and added sparkles to it by flicking my brush. Can you see the bling?

Mini Cupcake Tower

Mother of the birthday girl didn't want to have to "cut" any cakes at the party so she went with 5 dozen mini's instead. The cupcake tower was made to match the color theme of the cupcakes. However, she did have a request to have 1 regular sized cupcake on the top tier for the birthday girl to blow out her candle.

Lady Bug Cake

Customer didn't want to have the cake covered in fondant, only buttercream. But I suggested to have just a little so I can put on some cute cute expressions for the birthday girl. Both mom and daughter were sooo happy with the result.

My First iTouch Cake

The time and date on the screen is the actual birthdate and birth time for the birthday girl. Her parents just gave her an iTouch as her Grade 7 graduation present and apparently she's on it 24/7. So mom decided to order an iTouch cake for her!

Waybuloo and Ni Hao Kai Lan Cakes

I had the opportunity to make 2 cakes for a double birthday party for 2 2-year-olds. A Waybuloo and a Ni Hao Kai Lan cake. It's amazing how time just flew right by. I made baby Izzy's 1 year old birthday cake last year and it felt like it was just yesterday! She had a Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Cake last time and this time she wanted a Kai Lan cake. Just Kai Lan, no one else. When I heard I was to make a Waybuloo cake, I had no idea who Waybuloo were! I had to google!

Graduation Cake

This cake was for a 2010 graduate from Delta Seaquam High School

Pink Bow Present Cake

Customer wanted to re-order this same cake that she had at work for her girlfriend's birthday. The original cake was made by me as well. Only this time the cake was squared.